Forgotten Marches
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Forgotten Marches
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 In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament

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In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament Empty
PostSubject: In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament   In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2020 6:45 pm

10 years ago...

It was early in the night and Yamiyo set up a makeshift camp for the night. He was about half a day's walk from his destination known as Tangled Trees. He received word of an imminent attack by the Drow and was going to offer his services to assist them. Yamiyo was 141 years old at the time. He was a Moon Elf and most elves who lived in this area were known as Wood Elves. However, they were still kin and he was happy to offer them help. Yamiyo lived his life as a mercenary who dreamed of being a hero who could save the world when he was younger. Life had a funny way of disappointing him. He had since retired from trying to be something he was not and settled into the mercenary lifestyle. At the very least he could try to do some good even if it meant carrying all the evils of this world. He lived his life putting his own survival first before others and lived by the idea of killing the few to save the many. He didn't care if people considered him heartless, the way he saw it was that justice could not save the world and that it was useless to try.

Since he was a Moon Elf, he was able to meditate 4 hours a night and that would give him all the energy he would need to continue out his day. So he set up camp early in the night so he could make it to Tangled Trees by morning. About 20 minutes after dawn broke he saw something he wasn't expecting. The City was in ruins. "Am I too late?" He thought to himself and rushed to the city entrance. There were a few guards posted and they seemed on high alert. Yamiyo asked what had happened and they said a dragon attacked the city. When Yamiyo mentioned he was a mercenary here to assist with the incoming Drow attack the guards let him into the city and pointed him towards the now-ruined capital building.
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In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament Empty
PostSubject: Re: In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament   In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2020 6:06 pm

Yazuki sifted through the rubble, healing those he could and bandaging any living still. He let out a hefty sigh. For someone who wasn't even a teenager yet, this was some work for sure. He was looking forward to training, not cleaning up after the dragon attack. Even he had been frightened by its mere presence, and thus was sure to be something he would remember for ages. As he marked the house he was working on as cleared with some chalk, he noticed a newcomer that looked quite different from the other elves he had seen. He wasn't quite sure whether or not he should approach, but he decided to anyways. 

"Hello, we could use any help you can provide right now. We aren't sure why but a red dragon just rampaged through town. Most people are dead or dying... you don't look to be from around here are you?" He tilted his head to the side as he looked over the bluish elf. He wasn't aware elves could be such a bizarre color.
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In the Wreckage, A Stranger's Lament
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