Forgotten Marches
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Forgotten Marches
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 Packing up the unpacking.

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Packing up the unpacking. Empty
PostSubject: Packing up the unpacking.   Packing up the unpacking. I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2020 3:09 pm

She'd sent Luna out to interact with other's living in Tangled Tree's a while ago. Enkindle didn't exactly want to be alone but it was so hard to 'pretend' in front of her twin. Luckily big brother had taken off shortly after they got back so it was easier now due to her being alone. She had to focus on moving the things she'd carried for Luna into place in the tree house that had initially been hers. Of course, everyone knew she spent more time in her 'lair' wherever it was in the forest than in the place that had been cleared out for her when she moved in. This building had just been a 'front' for her, a place to bring anyone who wanted to interact with her at length and for family to visit, because it felt safest in the den she'd made herself.

"Luna really has mountains of stuff compared to me." she huffed out the comment her tail lashing to the side once. Picking up one of her twins blankets she went out to the balcony surrounding the small tree house and began shaking it out. Sure, it had just been packed but that didn't mean she couldn't make certain it was perfect. After-all this would be the last time she got to take care of her little sister. Emerald eyes dimmed as Enkindle lost focus on the task and sunk her face into the blanket inhaling the scent of it, large wings wrapping around herself.
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Packing up the unpacking.
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